(These are just a few of our many testimonials)


Lenny was a four month old Formosan Mountain Dog (Taiwanese street dog) who escaped just as she arrived at her new home with her new owners. She was still quite skittish and uncomfortable with people given her history and her new owners were frantic to get her off of the busy streets of Vancouver. Al and Jed were called out and were able to track Lenny down to an alley aprox 10 blocks from where she was last seen. She’s back with her new family and ready to begin her true happy ending!

From Lenny’s Rescue Group:
“Hi, Al and Petsearchers … First of all we @ Dogway Dog Rescue would like to thank you so very much and let you know that we are so GRATEFUL to you and Jed … for finding out little Lenny yesterday. That poor little puppy had endured the streets of Taiwan … where they are chased and hunted, quarantined, an 18 hour plane ride … and just when she was home with her new family … she got scared and got lost …. Without your dedication and of course Jed’s SUPER SNOUT … Lenny may have met a very lonely and horrible demise. Thanks to your expertise, she now looks forward to a long and loving life with her new family!!! Thank You, Thank you, Thank You …”


Muffin the kitten had been missing for a week when his distraught owners called Petsearchers Canada. They had taken all of the right steps to find their kitten, filing reports with Animal Control and the SPCA, putting up posters, ads online, knocking on doors in the area.
What they didn’t know was that Muffin had been found a distance from home the day after he went missing and was being loved by a new family – who had also taken all of the right steps to try to locate Muffin’s family; filing reports at Animal Control and the SPCA, putting up posters and online ads etc. before deciding to adopt him into their loving home.
This is not a rare occurrence, where connections get missed even if you take all of the right steps when your pet goes missing. Luckily, through Petsearchers Canada’s network (with the help of the fantastic group at VOKRA!) we were able to track down the info of the folks who had found Muffin and get him back home to his family who missed him dearly.

From Muffins owner:
“What a joy to have our little Muffin back home!
Our 5 months old kitten was lost for a week. After contacting all the shelters and the SPCA we decided to contact the Petsearchers.
Alesha started her phone inquiry the very same day we called and by the end of that day she founded him and was able to send us a picture. I was just amazed by her efficiency searching for Muffin.
When it was time for the people who found Muffin to give it back to us, Alesha displayed so much perseverance that she succeeded to convinced them to do so.
Indeed, they fell in love with Muffin and had already officially adopted him.
Her dedication to make sure that Muffin would come back home is the best proof that the Petsearchers are definitely the first people to call and to be trusted.
With all my gratitude,
I (North-Vancouver)


Irwin was adopted from the Whistler WAG shelter and was an extremely fearful dog. He managed to slip his collar the same morning his new owner brought him to Vancouver. He spent a week on the run in the busy city streets of Vancouver, with very few sightings to help locate him. After a false sighting (and 2 other dogs found and returned home) Al was able to lure Irwin to a safe spot with food – we didn’t want to get into a chase with him in the busy city streets.
Al had reinforced the spot with some snow fencing as best as possible, but it was a difficult area to contain as there were several houses together with unfenced yards. Once Al had Irwin blocked in between the houses, he called Maria from VOKRA and she rushed over to ensure he couldn’t break out the back side. (THANK YOU MARIA – you are always ready to help any animal in need!).
Irwin was understandably scared and growling, warning Al to stay away. Al managed to get a noose over his neck, and then climbed into the spot and wrangled Irwin out – he was definitely not wanting to come and fought as best he could, but Al could see Irwin is a gentle soul under the fear and was confident he wouldn’t get bit. Once Irwin was out, he let Al pick him up and carry him to our van to come home with us to wait for his owner to pick him up.
Irwin is so lucky that he found his new owner – even though she had only had him for less than a day, she went all out and did everything possible to get him home. Seeing them reconnect when she came to pick him up was great and we know she is the perfect person to bring him out of his shell. She will be keeping us up to date as he settles into his new home and we can’t wait to see him settle in!

From Irwin’s owner:
Hi Alesha and Al,
Well, it has been a month since the dog formerly known as Irwin was found. He is doing well, and is now called Dalai. He is now comfortable with me and my home and is slowly getting used to the neighborhood and our daily routines.
I wanted to thank you again for finding him, and say a few things to anyone who might be looking for a lost pet.
Petsearchers Canada is amazing! They didn’t just find my dog. They reassured me. They communicated clearly and took the time to make sure I knew what was happening. They went above and beyond every moment that my sweet boy was missing and brought him home safely.
This fella was not an ordinary case. He was just adopted the same morning he broke out of his collar and bolted. He is an extremely timid pup. He had been a stray and no one knows what happened to him but he wouldn’t come near anyone; not even for the biggest, juiciest, smelliest treat. Al made it clear that it wasn’t a quick process, but he would find him. I lost count of the hours he put in, and the number of times he dropped everything to respond to a sighting. The only reason I could sleep at all was because I knew that Al and Alesha were on the case.
After 8 days on the lam Al finally got my boy cornered in his hidey hole and, knowing how timid Dalai is, took the time to be gentle and kind and slowly brought him out. He was so scared he pooped on himself and wouldn’t walk. Al picked him despite the mess to carry him to the van.
Professional, compassionate, persistent. If your pet is missing you won’t find a better place to turn for help!
Thanks again from the fur-babies and I. We will always be grateful


Little Truffle went missing in Everett Crowley Park in Vancouver at around 1:30 pm on a Monday afternoon. She is a tiny 7 lb special needs poodle cross who was definitely not equipped to survive the sub-zero temperatures or the numerous coyotes known to live in the park. Many helpful folks spent over 10 hours searching for Truffle, calling her name and climbing through the thick woods off trail, as well as plastering posters throughout the park in hopes of finding her. By midnight, there was still no luck- until Al and Jed from Petsearchers Canada arrived on site.
Jed the bloodhound was able to quickly confirm that Truffle hadn’t strayed far from where she disappeared into the woods and Al proceeded with a foot search into the dense brambles. He spotted Truffle cowering under some thickets about 100 yards off the trail. Luckily the little dog had remained silent and still, which is likely why she remained safe in such a dangerous territory. Al was able to cut through the thickets and extract Truffle from her hiding spot. By 2 am on Tuesday, Truffle was safely on her way home to Port Moody with her loving owner.

From Truffle’s owner:
“Hi Al and Alesha,
I am just wanting to thank both of you for your kindness and generosity in helping me with finding Truffle. For you to receive my desperate call at 10:00 p.m. and come all the way into Vancouver from Langley, to meet me at the park where I felt Truffle was, was just like I was being sent an Angel, I cannot thank you enough.
And of course the Amazing Al is an Angel in my opinion and I am sure many others. I also swear Al is part Bloodhound himself.
To have witnessed the way in which Al went into the thickets and walked on top of them saying “it’s actually not that bad” and into areas that most men and even most animals would not attempt. was what it must of been like to watch Moses part the Red Sea, I was awe struck and felt such confidence and hope because of how sure he seemed, he didn’t even have to say anything, it was his actions that spoke volumes.
I saw him go further and further into the woods, all I could see was the beam from his flashlight moving around, he came out once and went back through even thicker brush and then I heard the magic words…I’ve got her!!! Words cannot describe the joy and relief I felt, as I am sure Truffle did too, the poor little sweetie is a Toy Poodle weighing less than 7lbs and is mentally a special needs dog, If not for Al, I fear to even imagine what could of happened to my baby.
I cannot thank you enough Al for all you did for Truffle and I, I will be forever grateful to yourself and Alesha.
To have spotted that one little black eye reflecting back at you in the dead of night with it having snowed and all that reflecting, not to mention with Truffle being mostly hidden by brush and being all black herself, you clearly have a special gift, you are an Earth Angel and may you and yours be forever blessed.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
K. :)”


Cody, a four year old flat coated retriever, went missing in May. His owners searched for months, with few sightings or leads. They had almost given up hope after going a long time without anyone seeing this skittish dog, then suddenly a few sightings came in – Cody was still alive and living in the woods after 6 months!
Cody had gone feral, and try as they might no one could get close to him – he would run, and chasing him was dangerous as the woods were bordered by busy roads and the swift flowing Seymour River. His owners hired Petsearchers Canada to get this lost dog home.
Cody was very intelligent and quite wild – he refused to enter any of the traditional traps we set for him or put himself in a position to get caught in some of the custom snares we built for him.
After spending some time figuring his schedule out, we were able to capture Cody and get him home. He adjusted quite quickly and settled back in at home with his loving family.

From Cody’s owners:
“Greg here (Cody’s ‘brother’). My parents and I would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Al and Alesha for the efforts that they put in to find Cody. He was so thin when they found him that we feel certain that he would not have lasted much longer on his own, especially with the cold weather and the end of the salmon run (no food).
We’d also like to give heaping amounts of gratitude to the many concerned people and dog lovers who helped in the Cody search over these long months (6 months and 3 weeks, to be precise). And also to those who offered advice and encouragement; it was definitely difficult to remain positive over the many days, but it all turned out wonderfully in the end!
Cody is a rescue dog, by the way, as is the other dog that we adopted in Cody’s absence. Sure, the two are having their dominance issues at the moment, but that was to be expected. There was never any question that we would keep both pooches when Cody was found.
Again, thanks to all! We recommend that you use Al and Alesha’s services if you have lost a pet of your own.
I will give Petsearchers some photos of Cody for those of you who are interested in seeing Cody’s progress over time. At the moment, he is one bedraggled little boy!
Merry Christmas, everyone!”
You can read some more detailed accounts of Cody’s rescue:


Kaos, a much loved Ragdoll, went missing from his home in Langley early Wednesday morning. We were called out a few days later, and Jed tracked Kaos to an apartment block not too far from home. We had confirmed sightings of Kaos from that spot leading a few blocks away. After 5 days on the run, Kaos is back at home, safe and sound!

From Kaos’ owner:
Al, Alesha and Parker,
I just wanted to send a quick note to THANK YOU ALL for everything that you did in helping with Kaos during his 5 day journey in the wild. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated all of the information that each of you provided during different stages of our searching, your support, positive attitudes and attentiveness and quick responses … even in the middle of a dinner party celebrating the birthday of your oldest son – Happy Birthday again Parker. I will be sure to pass on your companies name and information to everyone that I can. I couldn’t have gotten thru the stress and emotions of the last week without all of your help! My positive thoughts are with you and all of your clients as you continue your searches!!
Ps – I attached a pic this morning as Kaos cuddled up on his bed in the spare room. Looks a little rougher than usual and could hardly keep his poor head up. Tired little escape artist … now I must lock him up forever lol. Let me know when you have tracking devices that proactive pet owners can purchase!


Cecil’s owners called us 2 days after their beloved family cat had gone missing while they had guests over. They had searched high and low, placed ads and taken all of the right steps to find their cat. Al and Jed headed out to do an evening search after a long busy day – and Al found Cecil within minutes of arriving!
We were so happy to see Cecil home with his loving family – especially since as Al left, he saw a coyote run through the complex right past the spot he had found Cecil.

From Cecil’s owner:

Alesha: I’m so glad Al came by this evening even if it was later than anyone expected! While out doing a foot search he found Cecil hanging out at the end of the parking spaces at the far end of the complex from our unit. He had me come out to confirm it was him and I was able to get close and pick him up. He struggled a bit on the way back to our door but once inside I could feel his body relax and now he’s happily chomping down food and acting like he never left.

Al was very professional and thorough – he even took the time to check out the storage area under our stairs because there is one place where a big pipe goes through the wall in the basement that we knew our previous cat used to get in to that area. And even though he had found Cecil he left us the posters and flyers just in case he manages to get out again.
Thanks so much.

Booboo (a.k.a. Bibbins)

Booboo/Bibbins Is a sweet indoor only cat who jumped from a 3rd story window from his apartment in Vancouver. His worried owners spent over 6 hours searching for him, and decided to call in Petsearchers Canada to help find their boy. After a short successful search, Al was able to return a scared but safe and seemingly uninjured Booboo back to his loving owners.

From Booboo’s Owner:
Yes! Thank you! I am so happy too…now I have to figure out how to cat proof the balcony and if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know…I know he fell out the window but now it being colder they will have to be kept closed and I am going to see if I can get screens made…so I might have to make something up myself.
Al found him very quick…and I know quite a few of them were looking all last night and my sister and nephew this morning….I know that no one would have found him so I am glad to have found about your business!. Thank you again…I can sleep in peace tonight…I think he would have stayed there for days and days


Found – back at home, safe and sound!!
Trevor was missing for a few days, after escaping from a window while staying at a friend’s when his owners were on vacation. His owners were distraught and even camped outside at their friends for a couple of days hoping to lure Trevor back. They called in Petsearchers Canada and Jed as a last resort, just as they were giving up hope Trevor would ever get home.

Thank you so much for all of your help and extra efforts in trying to help us find Trevor. I know Curtis called to thank you, but I again just wanted to say how much we appreciated your help, kindness, advice and most of all reassurance that we would find Trevor. You were right! I still can’t believe he got up into someone’s rafters. Trevor is happy and pretty much back to normal now, but about 2 pounds lighter. Thank you again so much for everything,
Amanda, Marshall and Trevor


Good morning Al and Alesha
First off, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to yourself and Al. At first when we came across your service, the charge seems quite expensive. But losing a family member, we had to try anything and everything we could. From speaking with you on the phone till this email, I have to say you guys are worth every single penny. When I made the inquiry with the initial phone call, you were very informative and have answered all my questions and didn’t try to sell me the service. When Al came, he was very detail oriented and went in depth to search for Yuki as if she was his family member. The information you guys have provided me which was extremely helpful. But I honestly didn’t expect to have contact with you guys again after that. Not only you guys have put up big neon flyers for Yuki, but to hear that Al has also returned to the area to search for Yuki again in the evening is definitely above and beyond my expectations. I am very touched and appreciative. You guys are very professional and you work with your heart. I know we haven’t found her yet, and we desperately hope that we will. I do want to express my gratitude as this means the world to us.

I have more pictures of Yuki on my work computer. I will make a couple of big posters and put it on Kingsway. Many thanks!



“VADER” a black cat that went missing in east Vancouver for 12 days had traveled aprox 2 kms before we brought him home to owners.

“Thank you Petsearchers Canada!
Vader went missing on August 10TH a new neighbor cat was introduced in her territory and sent her fleeing. We did the first steps to find our cat like posters and shelter calls but received no information. We called you in around august 14TH and By August 22ND you tracked her down about 1 km from our home or further I’m not quite positive where you found her. We did not put posters out this far and most likely wouldn’t have found her without your team. You didn’t give up on her you went out and searched for her on your own time after the contract was up which we are so grateful for. You went above and beyond and you found our little traveler. We would like to thank you with positive feedback for all your time and efforts!
Thank you
Cory and Steve”


“Charlie” a black and white cat had disappeared and after a long search by owners for 6 days we found him hiding in a small hole in a basement wall after 10 minutes of searching. Owners were shocked that he was still in the house as they assumed that he was on the streets in a very dangerous area of commercial and E 3rd ave.

I’ve had an ad up for a while now about my missing black and white cat, Charlie.
My heart was broken and I had spent a week searching high and low with no sign of him. I made posters, scent trails, the whole nine yards.
Today I got him back because of Al from Pet Searchers Canada.
He was able to locate Charlie in a basement hole he had crawled into. It took him less than ten minutes. Don’t give up on your search. I really recommend giving Al a call.
He saved the day for me and it was worth every penny.
Best of luck to everyone, I hope your pets get home safe


“CANDY” We were called out to search for an 11 year old Bichon who went missing 1 week ago from a home in Surrey unfortunately located right along a large ravine, the home of many Coyotes and Owls. The owner of Candy was devastated because this little girl meant so much to her; the owner’s mother has passed on and she was in charge of giving this little girl a safe and happy home. Unfortunately somehow she got out of backyard in a downpour and she totally disappeared. Everyone feared for the worse as Coyotes are often seen walking the neighborhood looking for food. JED our Bloodhound scoured the neighborhood and trekked through the ravine looking for Candy. We are happy that we had the opportunity to hand over Candy to her grateful owner Friday night.

FOUND!! Missing dog (Surrey)
I want to tell everyone that if you are having trouble finding your lost pet and you don’t know where else to turn, I recommend calling Petsearchers Canada! Al MacLellan is incredibly caring and knowledgeable about searching and finding your lost pet. He said to me…. Don’t give up, we will find her. Tonight he found her! I had a knock on the door, they were there with her in their arms! He is methodical in his approach and I felt like I was in good hands right from the beginning! A great and happy ending to a devastating situation. Don’t wait, go to his website and contact him!
Thank you also to all that sent me links to the small white dog that was missing! It was very thoughtful and greatly appreciated!


“HUNTER” this little Chocolate Lab pup went missing in dangerous area 128th/261 ave in Maple Ridge early in the day. Family was out searching all day and putting posters in area and getting very worried for their puppy’s safety. Jed was summoned out late in the afternoon to help search for this little guy who would not have survived the night in this area due to the many predators on the prowl; Coyotes and Cougars. Hunter is back home tonight safe and sound.


FOUND – our brown lab X puppy (Maple Ridge)
Reply to: see below [Errors when replying to ads?]
THANK YOU AL from Petsearchers!!!!
We lost our foster puppy today after our older dog managed to open the window and they went wandering together after I had left the house. Our own two dogs returned home shortly after, but without pup. I put up posters, called the SPCA and went door to door to neighbor’s homes. Then our rescue got me in touch with Al. Immediately after our phone call, Al put a notice up on Craigslist for us and drove out to meet me. By the time Al got out here, someone had already seen the ad on Craigslist and had called Al to let him know he had picked up the puppy, concerned that he was alone on the street (THANK YOU ANGUS!!!)
I have all the confidence in the world that Al would have found Hunter if our awesome neighbor hadn’t found him first. He was very comforting and reassuring (yes, I was a blubbering mess) and he seems to have a real love for animals. I think the fact that we acted quickly, posting lost notices and calling the SPCA, and calling Petsearchers helped us get Hunter back within 5 hours of his going missing.
I hope that you don’t ever need his services, but if you do, his contact info is: info@petsearcherscanada.com, Al Maclellan 604-424-4121


“Macie” a 25lb rescue dog from Ocean Dog Rescue, this little Manchester terrier mix from Taiwan was on the run for 1 month around several parks and many streets and alleys in East Vancouver and was not able to be caught by volunteers, residents of the area or the SPCA. JED came out to track and after many hours searching, setting traps, and stalking parks I caught Macie at 9:00 in the evening with a net as she ran down a dark street. Thanks to Renee from Ocean Dog Rescue for all her many hours of putting up posters and co-ordinating the rescue of Macie. Also thanks to Debbie and all of the wonderful volunteers at this rescue for their many hours of work trying to bring this beautiful little dog home to safety; they are a very dedicated group of people with a great love for these rescue dogs from Taiwan; really enjoyed being part of this search and rescue of Macie.

Craigslist postings from Ocean Dog Rescue:
FOUND!!! MACIE (East Vancouver)
Date: 2011-12-21, 10:30PM PST reply to: (craigslist email address)
Macie wandered away from home in Burnaby on Nov. 24th and spent the last 4 weeks on the street, scared and cold. The last 2 weeks we have received many tips and sightings (between Fraser and Renfrew, Broadway to Kingsway) but she would run from anyone who came near her. We are all so happy she is now safe and warm.
We would like to thank everyone who called or e-mailed us with sightings… We also want to thank Debbie and all our volunteers for their help. Most of all, thanks to Al from Petsearchers!! He spent many hours in the cold looking for Macie and was finally able to track her down and catch her tonight! We can’t thank him enough.
2nd Craigslist posting:
Macie has been found and is safe!!!
Date: 2011-12-21, 10:37PM PST Reply to: (craigslist email address)
A very big thank you to everyone who phoned in… took time to look in their front and back yards…. kept an eye out for Macie when you went on your walks… phoned in tips and spread the word about her missing. Macie has been found. Al the dog tracker brought her home finally after a very long time. A huge thank you to Al the dog tracker for his patience and persistence, because he didn’t give up Macie has been found!!! Many thanks to everyone who helped out. Happy Holidays and best wishes for you and your families


“LYPTUS” A beautiful cat that was lost when owners moved into new place in Surrey had was missing for 7 days and owners looked everywhere for him. We found him within 20 minutes.

FOUND by PETSEARCHERS CANADA! Lost Cat – Male Siamese Mix (Cedar Hills area, Surrey)
Our 1 yr old male Siamese-mix cat went missing on Saturday. We had just moved into a ground floor apartment and he slipped out the patio door.
He is black, grey and white with Siamese-type points (mask, legs and tail) and has blue eyes.
We expect he is somewhere in the neighborhood of 96 Avenue & 128 Street near Imperial Parkside Apartments.
UPDATE: We called PETSEARCHERS CANADA and Al was very professional and compassionate and wonderful to deal with during our stressful time. He was always positive. He found our cat up a tree within 20 minutes. We have our baby home and have peace of mind. We’re so glad we made the call. Highly recommended!!
If you are grieving a lost or displaced pet – CALL NOW – there’s no need to let another day go by on the assumption that your pet will find its way home or it has fallen victim to traffic or hungry wildlife.


“CHILLI” A female black Pit-bull Terrier was frightened by fireworks and she broke through her backyard gate in Coquitlam on Saturday night and traveled aprox. 5 kms and decided to hide in some bushes; she couldn’t be seen but she couldn’t hide her scent from JED the Bloodhound. She is back home with her loving and grateful family tonight, and inside the house for Halloween that’s for sure.

OWNERS POST ON CRAIGSLIST DAY AFTER SEARCH!    If you’ve lost your animal you need to know about this company!!!
If you’ve lost your dog or cat you need to call Pet Searchers Canada! They are so professional and kind and also a lot cheaper than you would expect. We lost our baby Chilli and were out looking for three whole agonizing days, we called Al at pet searchers and he came out even though he had something else very important to do. We drove to where she had last been sighted and within FIFTEEN MINUTES I was holding my (terrified but safe) baby girl in my arms again! Just to think if I had known about this service the day she went missing I would have saved our family so much grief! Even if your pet isn’t missing right now I’d keep his number in your phone just in case because the sooner the better!! I also want to thank Al and “Jedd” for bringing Chilli home to us; she’s lying in bed snuggling with blankets as I’m typing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, she’s so special to us and I can never thank you enough!!!!!
This is his website – www.petsearcherscanada.com Good luck in bringing your babies home


Hi, my cat was being watched at a house and evidently got out somehow and around the corner before I could get to him a neighbor had told me he saw a black cat with some grey color in his fur, collar and looked dead, blood coming from mouth. The neighbor said had tried to avoid hitting this cat as it was in the middle of the road and happened an hr prior to me being able to make it to the location and when he went to show me where the cat’s body, he was gone! Blood on the road was the only tell tale signs that it had happened and my cat went missing only hours prior. The description seemed to match but without knowing 100% I need your help to find out any information leading to his mysterious disappearance. He’s only 5 yrs old, dark brown fur but looks black at night with some grey/smoke coloring under his belly and mixed in his fur. His hair is fairly longer then in one of the photos but that photo really shows his colors. The most recent pic (next to the small plant) was taken about a week ago, only his fur is cut a bit shorter on his backside on some areas. It is very important to know what happened as he is loved. He had on a collar with a blue tag with his info. This happened last night (Tues Aug 23rd) from the sounds of it happened around 8 or 9 pm by 10 pm the hit and injured cat was nowhere in sight. Also this is a residential neighborhood so if anyone knows or saw what happened. Please contact the number on the tag and a reward will be given led to his discovery or known where about. I’d appreciate any help leading to more information on this incident as I’ve called everywhere from SPCA, animal emergency hospitals and whatever else and he hasn’t been turned in to any of those places. Thanks for your time. He is soooooooo loved and sooooooo incredibly missed. I love you Claus, where ever you are!!~Jen

Well Jen called us and we brought JED out to search the area after letting him examine the blood and fur left on the road, we established that it was not Jen’s cat that got hit because we tracked the cat back to its house. Jed then found Jen’s cat Claus a few blocks away. It only took Jed 1/2 hour to achieve these results.

Al @ PET SEARCHERS CANADA found my Claus and saved my world!!!! (Vancouver near Rupert/Napier St)
Tues, Aug 23rd my beautiful baby Claus went missing from the house. It was now dark and he was still out there, vulnerable to all the other creatures of the night and did I mention Claus is a house cat. Up the street a voice calls out “hey are you guys looking for a cat”. .I think he’s found him! He has my Claus safe and instead he tells us something alarming. He’s seen a cat not far up the street from the house, lying in the road. It was hit by a car he says he saw it earlier as he swerved around to avoid hitting it and it was bleeding from the mouth and he was certain it was dead. I ask him for the description and he describes mine, dark fur with some grey and has a collar. We go up the street looking for an answer to a horrible thought and when we get there we see the blood but there is no body! At this point I’m thinking the worst has happened to Claus, the description, the location, and the collar! Not a lot of cats I see wandering around wears them but I need to know for sure, I need to see it’s him. Trying to be strong but my heart is breaking every second that he’s missing, not knowing is that his blood on the road. I’ve loved cats my entire life and still think please let it be another cat, Claus can’t be dead. I find myself now in search of what I hope isn’t his dead body. Where is my baby and what happened to him, is he okay, has he been hit by this car and maybe still alive or being eaten by a coyote somewhere. I want to beat up the coyote who’s possibly taken his body and my relief to know what happened there. I imagine myself rescuing him from all the dangers. Then blame comes, I think if only I could have made it here earlier I would have known, I would have seen it or could have prevented the accident somehow and this wouldn’t be happening. I call the SPCA, the city to see if anyone has reported a dead body, nothing. The SPCA guy even comes out when I tearfully tell him I don’t know if it’s him, there’s no body. With the P.N.E. going on there’s a lot of traffic in the streets and people so I’m thinking would an animal have taken him so quickly seems strange and the SPCA guy says maybe someone has taken him and will report him in the morning. With flash lights we search allies, garbage bins, bushes and still nothing. Now thinking I’ve potentially lost the light in my life who keeps me going through the current piling of horrible events and I feel like that car hit the both of us. Nothing more to do I swab his blood and put it in a bag for keep sake and to see if I can someone have it analyzed with his fur for a confirmation that it was him for sure. Go back home and I phone every emergency hospital open, vet and everything I could think of or Google. I got a lot of machines and one emergency line which was suppose to be open didn’t even answer and no option to leave a message! I’m so angry; I think why there isn’t more help in the horror of this. I call frequently for any reports on the road and still nothing so I eagerly wait till morning to come. Balling my eyes out in a hot shower till the water turns cold which seems too quickly and I think get it together. I don’t know for sure he might still be alive out there and hope for a miracle. I go on Craigslist put his picture and hope someone knows something about the hit cat and make posters thinking the sooner I find him the better. I see an ad for Pet Searchers Canada and call that too. Nothing left untried and I speak with Al who says things to help be positive and mentions a new possibility, the cat hit might have been taken in by its owners. I think yeah! That makes more sense that they would take it’s body and not report it if it was their own as they might just want to bury it. I can’t give up he’s alive! I go back to the scene with posters and to my horror discover fur in the blood! I didn’t see this before in the night and now the day reveals tire marks with blood trailing down the road and fur attached that looks like some colors in Claus’s fur with skin and bone and now the posters I’m putting up feel more like memorial pictures. Completely destroyed I call Al back with the discovery and he really hears my pain and understands how important it is for me to know if Claus died here or not and he comes down to help get some answers. He takes a look at the blood spot and brings out Jed, his beautiful blood hound to track the scent and we go from there. Jed sniffs around and starts trailing towards the house and I think in horror he’s going to lead us back to the house but in Jed sniffing out the mystery cat’s trail he scared out two cats that fit the description of mine and there’s Claus!! He doesn’t have his collar on but he’s alive and well I can’t believe my eyes literally it’s like he’s back from the dead and I’m just so happy I go to pick him up and I think wait he looks a bit off, kind of smaller and his nose isn’t wide enough. Then the neighbor comes out and says that’s our cat! I think I know it just looked like Claus so much and I wanted to be him but you wouldn’t believe how similar they look, the placement of colors throughout the fur and everything. Then reality hits and I think oh no but Al assures me there was one more and with Jeds help he seeks out his hiding spot which is under a car and I can see a cat is there in the shadows but is it him?! I look and I see his collar and it’s him!! He’s alive!!! He seems to be okay but don’t yet know for sure. We get treats and food to lure him out and I go behind the car and he comes out towards me and I picked him up and have him in my arms again and nothing matters. I think about the cat’s fate in the street and I think nothing should die like that and happily hold Claus and he’s happy to see me as he’s had an adventure and has no idea about any of this. We found him a couple allies away from the house but with Al and Jeds help he came back safely as there are many coyotes and other dangers who knows what would have happened if he was out there for even one more day. Pet Searchers Canada saved not only Claus but the light in my life and I would highly recommend them. They understand your worry, frustration and pain involved in missing a loved one. How a pet is often like your own child and as just as important. Al has the biggest heart and provides a wonderful service for all of us who have a pet that goes missing. Just so amazing and I can’t thank him enough!!
~ Very happy


“KODY” a black cat spent the night in Strathcona Park after being spooked by a loud noise. Jason was walking his cat on a harness believing he was doing the right thing by keeping his pet safe not allowing him to roam outside; unfortunately harness and leash failed and Kody was going into second night in the woods. Owner searched the area constantly since his pet went missing then decided to call us in to help find his loved one because of the fear of predators in the area. Jed searched the area and Kody is at home now enjoying the sweet life.
PETSEARCHERS Found My Cat (Vancouver)
If you’ve lost your pet and think it’s a lost cause it’s not! Give Al a call at Petsearchers Canada and he will help you find your missing pet.
My cat got loose on Tuesday night and after a couple hours of searching that night and several more the next day with no luck I called Petsearchers Canada and Al met me last night around 8:30pm at the park where my Cat had got away. At 11:30pm I decided to go home but not more than 5 minutes after I got home Al called me and said he found him! I drove back and sure enough there he was. It took a bit of coaxing (and treats!) to get him to come out but he did in the end come out to me on his own. I was not very optimistic at all when he ran away (he’s not an outdoor cat). Even when Al came I still thought it wouldn’t happen. Al was positive the whole time and kept reassuring me I’d have him back soon. He never gave up and the result is I have my cat back. Thanks Petsearchers Canada


“BATMAN” a rare breed – Sacred cat of Burma went missing 4 days ago, owners brought this fellow from France with them as they relocated to Vancouver and were devastated with their loss, JED got a recent scent of Batman within minutes and we soon realized that he was within the block hiding and indeed he was hiding high within a tree. The very nice owners are very reluctant to allowing their baby to go out anymore unless on a harness.

Hi there,
This is just a small story about our lost and found back beloved cat. It may help people to have customer review. We recently brought our Batman from France to Canada and shortly after our move he went missing for 4 days. His mummy was very sad and we didn’t know what to do. After having gone to Vancouver SCPA (604) 879-7721 and Vancouver Pound (604) 871-6888 with no success, we started to do some research online. We put Ads on craigslist, kijii, petfinder and petlynx as advised so. Then we saw this ad for Petsearchers Canada, a specialized company that helps people to get their lost pet back. Al MacLellan went to our place and started to teach us a lot. In particular he demystified the coyote threat. A lot of our neighbors were 100% sure the cat had been caught by a coyote. I do believe they are a threat for small pets but not as much as we are afraid of them. I found many passionate debates but few real statistics about this. So Al’s big service dog helped in defining boundaries to look for the cat into. The other investigation techniques such as eye catching posters took part in finding our cat. For whatever reasons, the cat got hide high within a tree on the other side of a large and busy street. Al helped us a lot and it was really worth our money. He worked on our case much longer than the contract stated. He gave us hope and energy to keep looking for our pet. We were indeed in a kind of wait and see strategy which didn’t increase our chance at all. It may be frustrating not being able to get in touch with the guy though, but he’s working day and night and I believe he’s honest and efficient. So this short story is tell people that even if there are obviously no guarantee Petsearchers will get your pet back, it’s not a scam and it certainly put the odd in your favor. We then say thanks to him. Wish all the people who lost their pet to keep their mind clear and to get their pet back home.

White Spot

“White Spot” the Husky in White Rock was being searched for by SPCA and many members of Rescue group for over a week and we were called in and tracked him down in aprox 20 minutes with “Koomba”.

From the Rescue –
White Spot has been FOUND!
White Spot has been found and is safe tonight. A company called Petsearchers Canada was hired to assist with the search, and within an hour Al of Petsearchers, with the help of his dog (hey, we need his dog’s name – equal credit!), had tracked White Spot and located his sleeping spot. While White Spot slept, Al was able to get close to him and slip the leash on.

Well done, Al and Al’s dog! And thanks to everyone who helped out in any way at all. Though a hired company recovered him, it was your posters and sightings that helped keep hope alive and focus the search on the appropriate area. Finding a lost dog is truly a community effort.

And now that White Spot is safely home, I will once again say what I have said a thousand times before on this blog. DO NOT USE A FLAT COLLAR TO WALK A DOG. EVER! If a dog is startled or frightened, a dog can elongate its neck and back out of that collar faster than you can say “SIT!” (Unless you have the flat collar so tight that it is painful to the dog). Get a Martingale or a harness with a double safety connection, make sure they are properly fitted, and use them every time your dog is on leash.

I will be posting a blog shortly with some other guidelines specific to newly-placed or newly-fostered dogs. Sadly, White Spot’s story is far too familiar, and there are far, far too many dogs getting lost shortly after being rehomed.