Dog Searches and Fees

Often, finding a lost dog involves far more than setting a bloodhound on the scent track and leading us to a pet sleeping peacefully under a tree – lost dogs are very often frightened and in survival mode; they sometimes cover large distances and are unlikely to allow anyone to approach or catch them. In the case of a lost/roaming or stolen dog it takes a quick implementation of a thorough search effort to ensure they get home safely; this often includes a combination of using scent work with our bloodhound(s) and our wide range of high tech search and rescue equipment, along with proven search strategies that have helped thousands of lost dogs get home safely.

Petsearchers Canada’s trackers and bloodhounds have thousands of search hours of expertise and have helped reunite hundreds and hundreds of lost dogs with their families. This experience means they are well versed in any challenge that may arise when searching for your missing dog. There are multiple factors to take into consideration for each individual search; so each case will require a different strategy to deal with these unique set of challenges. You can be assured we have the knowledge, top of the line professional search equipment such as scent trained bloodhounds, drone, thermal imaging equipment, night vision goggles, bore-scope cameras, live streaming trail cameras, multiple capture tools and live traps to get the job done, ensuring the best odds of a successful resolution.

After your phone consultation, we will be able to give you a full outline as to expectations of the search, possible outcomes and service fees.

Search Packages

Two Hour – $595.00
Four Hour – $895.00
Eight Hour – $1,395.00


Searches in wooded/forest, mountainous terrain, rural, river/ravine, and harsh terrain areas may be subject to additional fee and time considerations depending on the scope of the search, the distance to search starting point or other relevant factors.

Please note in most cases we will only consider doing a 4 or 8 hour search in environments such as but not limited to North/West Vancouver mountainous or ravine areas because a 2 hour search possibly may not result in a positive conclusion to the search because of time limitations. Please call to discuss your case for a quote.


Extended Search Fee

• Should you want us to stay at your location and work an additional day, or return on another day to search for your pet, a new contract will be started and the same rates, terms and conditions will apply.

Travel Fee

$1.50/ km (round trip)

• Addition fees for more than 1 hour travel time.
• Travel fees are calculated from 18908 32 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3Z 1A7.
• Ferry charges apply if applicable.

Fine Print

• Prices do not include 5% GST

• Additional charges of time and a half will be applicable for searches on Stat Holidays and/or outside of regular business hours.

Payment in full is required at the time of booking and acceptance of contract terms.