Cat Searches and Fees

Indoor Cat Searches

In the case of missing indoor cats it’s very important that the search is handled very cautiously – the last thing we need is to see your cat flushed out of a spot they feel safe in – which is generally fairly close to home – and sent off running. Petsearchers Canada’s trackers and bloodhounds have thousands of search hours of expertise and have helped reunite hundreds and hundreds of lost indoor cats with their families. This experience means they are well versed in any challenge that may arise when searching for your missing cat.

Indoor/Outdoor Cat Searches

With an outdoor cat search, there are generally three possible outcomes during the initial search:
In many cases, we are able to locate fresh scent, and have a “live find” on the search – where our bloodhound is able to locate the missing cat either by tracking/trailing and/or air scenting. This is always our goal with every search and what we strive for with every case. Sometimes a cat is not as far from home as one might think – or they can travel much farther out than what is expected. Using our perimeter setting strategy, we can have “live finds” in either case, after hours, days and weeks missing. We’ve flushed many cats from hiding, tracked them to people houses who had taken them in, found them trapped in sheds/garages and have tracked them many kms away – the possibilities are endless as to where and how a missing cat may be located.

In other cases, given many factors (behavioral and environmental,) it is not possible to do a direct track on your lost cat. In these cases we will be alerted to scent pools (read about scent for more info) in areas that your cat has recently been. These findings can be invaluable in continuing a search for your missing cat – a direction of travel, a new area to be canvassed for sightings, behavioral information gleaned from the tracking results and more. We’ve had many cats get home as a direct result of an owner using the scent search information to restructure their search efforts based on evidence found during a bloodhound tracking session.

In other, much more rare cases, our bloodhound will tell us there is a complete lack of scent in the area canvassed. This is extremely valuable information in carrying any search effort forward. We’ve had many successfully closed cases where we have had a lack of scent findings, due to the bloodhound missing pet search allowing us to help coach the owner in refocus their search efforts entirely to more productive methods, leading to a successful resolution. We’ve had cats missing in Kitsilano (Vancouver) and found in White Rock, Vancouver found in New Westminster, Coquitlam to Langley and more; cats found well over 5kms from home within city limits; and some that have been taken in by someone close to home, leaving no trace to be found via scent, all as a direct result of the owner knowing how to guide their energies based on the scent findings and information from their tracker. Knowing that your time is better focused on other avenues than spending hours out searching, calling and combing your immediate area can help catapult your search to “home safe”.

Cat Search Packages

It takes a quick implementation of a thorough search effort to ensure that your cat gets home safely. You can be assured we have the knowledge, top of the line professional search equipment such as scent trained bloodhounds, drone, thermal imaging equipment, night vision goggles, bore-scope cameras, high tech live streaming trail cameras and multiple capture tools and live traps to get the job done, ensuring the best odds of a successful resolution. After your phone consultation, we will be able to give you a full outline as to expectations of the search, possible outcomes and service fees.

Search Packages

One Hour – $395.00
Two Hour – $545.00
Three Hour – $695.00


Extended Search

Should you want us to stay at your location and work an additional day, or return on another day to search for your pet, a new contract will be started and the same rates, terms and conditions will apply.

Travel Fee

$1.50/ km (round trip)

• Additional travel fees more than 1 hour travel time.
• Travel fees are calculated from 18908 32 Ave, Surrey, BC, V3Z 1A7.


• Toll bridges and ferry charges apply if applicable.

Fine Print

• Prices do not include 5% GST

• Additional charges of time and a half will be applicable for searches on Stat Holidays and/or outside of regular business hours.

Payment in full is required at the time of booking and acceptance of contract terms.

• Searches in wooded/forest, rural, swamp, river, harsh terrain, etc. areas will be subject to an additional surcharge depending on the scope of the search, the distance to search starting point or other relevant factors. Please call to discuss your case for a quote.

• Upon hiring our company you acknowledge that we have full control of search procedures and methods at all times. Please note that when search commences the tracker and bloodhound proceeds on their own.